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3. října 2009 v 22:21 | 히나(Hina) |  Chang Hyun
Real Name: 전창현 Jeon Chang Hyun

Stage Name: Chang Hyun
Birthdate: 1988.06.09
Height: 181cm
Weight: 58kg
Genre: Gemini

Favorite Color: Sky blue
Hobbies: Facial expressions, acting, magic, cooking, dance
Education: Education Suwon University Drama Film Division

x. He had learnt about interior design and cooking before he joined his old group R-eal.
x. He is very good at cooking. He usually cooks night meal for Inseok.
x. He is the mother of R-eal (while Yoon is the father).
x. Always act cute and girly, as other members complain.

Credits:,, junghyun @, SHU-I WORLD.

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